Readings, Seminar 10

Jean-Paul Martinon

1. Emmanuel Levinas, “Interview with François Poirié (1986),” in Is it Righteous to Be? Interviews with Emmanuel Levinas, ed. by Jill Robbins (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2001), pp. 23-83.

David Graeber 1. David Graeber, "Debt, Violence, and Impersonal Markets: Polanyian Meditations."

2. David Graeber, "Manners, Deference and Private Property: Or, Elements for a General Theory of Hierarchy," in Possiblities: Essays on Hierarchy, Rebellion and Desire, (Oakland: AK Press) 2007, pp. 13-56.

3. Recent interview:

Sarah Pierce

1. Jacques Derrida, "The Principle of Reason: The University in the Eyes of its Pupils," in Diacritics Vol. 13, No. 3, (Autumn, 1983), pp. 3-20.

2. Jacques Derrida, “Sendoffs,” in Eyes of the University, translated by Thomas Pepper (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2004), pp. 220-4. *from Seminar 6; click to access

Reading Group 1. Doreen Massey, "Opening Propositions," in For Space, (London: Sage) 2005, pp. 9-15.

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