Allegory Book

Allegories of the Curatorial This edited book proposes to investigate a new field of thought and research: the curatorial. Curating studies are expanding far beyond the schooling of curators. There is an emergent understanding that we are witnessing the birth of a field of knowledge, a research community, and an inter-disciplinary network of global proportions. How is one to understand this new field of knowledge and how does it differ from others?     In order to address this question, the book puts forward a number of analysis, reflections, allegories, fables, or parables written by philosophers, theorists, economists, curators, artists, and architects. The aim behind these carefully chosen texts is to expose this important recent shift in museum and exhibition practice and studies; a shift that has radically challenged how we consider the performance of knowledge in today visually saturated world.     Confirmed authors: Cihat Arinc, Pascal Beausse, Bridget Crone, Ashuman DasGupta, Hunjin Kim, Doreen Mende, Ines Moreira, Ji Yoon Moon, Sarah Pierce, Irit Rogoff, Joshua Simon, Roopesh Sitharan, Aneta Szylak, Leire Vergara, Grant Watson. For further information on this forthcoming publication, please email: Jean-Paul Martinon at