Seminar 4 // Thursday 12, Friday 13 and Saturday 14 April 2007 // London

12, 13 and 14 April 2007 location tba

1. Guest Lecture: Jean-Louis Déotte

2. Action to Activism Part One, Irit Rogoff

3. Presentations: Maren Ziese, Paolo Plotegher and Bridget Crone Readings for Jean-Louis Déotte, Irit Rogoff and Paolo Plotegher can be found by clicking the link below.

Further information about the sessions can be found below.

1. Jean-Louis Déotte is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Paris [Paris-VIII (Médiation culturelle)]. He is also in charge of the PhD Programme in Aesthetics at the University of Strasbourg. He has published more than forty essays on art, visual culture, aesthetics and politics. His books include: Portrait-autoportrait (Paris: Osiris, 1986), Le Musée, l’origine de l’esthétique (Paris: l’Harmattan, 1993), Oubliez! Politiques de la cendre (Paris: l’Harmattan, 1994), Le jeu de l'exposition avec Pierre-Damien Huyghe (Paris: l’Harmattan, 2000), L'homme de verre: esthétiques benjaminiennes (Paris: l’Harmattan, 1998), L'époque de la disparition: politique et esthétique, (Paris: l’Harmattan, 2000), L'epoque de l'appareil perspectif (Paris: l’Harmattan, 2003), Appareils et formes de la sensibilit (Paris: l’Harmattan, 2005), Qu'est-ce qu'un appareil? : Benjamin, Lyotard, Rancière (Paris: l’Harmattan, 2007).

2. Action and Activism, Irit Rogoff.

Over the next two session I would like to discuss 'Action' and 'Activism' . If we are to understand how both these concepts circulate in cultural practice as more that the call for being 'specific and materially grounded' or 'politically relevant' or most worrying 'engaged in protest' -- then we have trace the development of these concepts along complex lines of thought which allow them to exist as more than slogans.

Beginning with an older philosophical discussion on 'Action' we will look at how thought becomes action, how presence produces an ontological state, how gestures translate into action. For the first session we will look at 1. Walter Benjamin's understanding of 'activism' in "The Author As Producer ", 2. Hannah Arendt's chapter on 'Vita Activa' in "The Human Condition" and 3. segments of Gilles Deleuze's thought on Nietzsche and concepts of the will.

The following session we will look through some texts that theorise contemporary notions of 'activism' and then return to the texts on 'singularity' we began discussing in Eindhoven, and which are on the website.

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