Seminar 32 // 22, 23, 24 March 2011 // London

Thursday the 22.03.2012 

Venue –Prokovief Room, Library , Goldsmiths (for those without Goldsmiths cards, we will be at the entrance to the Library at 11.)

11.00 – 1.30   

Business and discussion of the program’s aspirations and ethos. 

Lunch 2.30 – 5.30 

Presentation by Pascal Beausse on his current research on  “Ecosophie”  Reading are on the site –  

  1. Felix Guatarri, “The Three Ecologies” (Please focus on the first 20 pages)
  2. Eduard Glissant “Introduction to the Poetics of the Diverse”

 7.0 Hilary Koob-Sassen is premiering a new work at Whitechapel and we are invited, as below:

Transcalar Investment Vehicles,

 A financier is awoken from a nightmare to learn that a disaster has triggered the investment vehicle called ‘Prometheus’. Its designer, the late founder of the bank who is remembered as “the Hippie”, has left behind a daughter in her aesthetic reveries. In this tale of the relationship between generations and nations and visions and investments, The Financial, The National and The Formal seek the story of a structure with the funked-out radar of their wordgames.


Friday  23.03.2012

Venue to be confirmed  

Continuing the “Complex Practices” series, we are hosting theorist Matthew Fuller and artist Graham Harwood, who together run the MA Interactive Media at CCS, Goldsmiths.  


Matthew Fuller is a media theorist and practitioner and his work includes Media Ecologies: Materialist Energies in Art and Technoculture (MIT Press, 2005)

and Behind the Blip: Essays on the Culture of Software (2008)

“Attempts to describe a particular media moment have often fallen into one of two broad categories: those accounts that celebrate the potential of the "new media" of the era to transform society for the better, and those that caution that these same media will have dire negative social effects. In the era of television, Neil Postman warned us that we were "amusing ourselves to death" while Marshall McLuhan and his followers trumpeted the virtues of the coming "global village." Matthew Fuller's Media Ecologies: Materialist Energies in Art and Technoculture represents a bold attempt to transcend the binary of celebration vs. warning which has often limited our thought on and discussion of the media. To do this, Fuller brings to bear on the topic an impressive array of very high caliber resources drawn from the ranks of continental philosophy and critical theory. The result is a book full of prose and thought that manages to be at once dense and electric, the sort of sentences and passages that those of us who take pleasure in critical theory richly enjoy reading and writing.”

Seminar Reading:


Graham Harwwod

“What you see is always less than what you get: Software interfaces, websites, even apparently neutral computer functions always hide and deliver invisible structures and codes which are either socially or culturally predefined or create a new framework for the perception of the world themselves. The work of Graham Harwood, cofounder of the London based artist group Mongrel, always blurs the border of the obvious and the subconscious, between the surface and the subtexts. Harwood questions common classifications, irritates limited views and usages of technology and ignores any boundaries between what is art-on-the-first-view and whatever it could be. "Mongrel is a mixed bunch of people, machines and intelligences working to celebrate the methods of London street culture. We make socially engaged culture, which sometimes means making art, sometimes software, sometimes setting up workshops, or helping other mongrels to set things up.

Seminar Readings:

Saturday 24.03.2012
Venue to be confirmed  


Continuing the presentation of participants terms. Thos who have not yet presented the terms that drive their research project, please prepare this for the coming seminar.

Introduction to a Poetics of the Divers by Edouard Glissant and Pierre Joris

Felix Guattari - Three Ecologies


Seminar Dates: 
Thu, 22/03/2012 - 11:00 - Sat, 24/03/2012 - 18:00