Hyunjin Kim

Born in Hongseong in 1975, Hyunjin Kim lives and works in Seoul as a curator and writer. She studied art theory and critical studies, and has worked as an Assistant Curator at the Artsonje Center in Seoul, as a Guest Curator at the Vanabbe Museum in Eindhoven, and as a Curatorial Assistant at the 2005 Istanbul Biennial. Besides her own independent projects and exhibitions, she is currently working for IASmedia program of Insa Art Space as an Associate Curator. From her previous exhibitions, such as Reality Bites (Loop, Seoul, 2002), Where is My Friend's Home (Test Site, Rooseum, 2003), Steaming Away from the Places (Sangmyung Gallery, 2004), Plug-In #03: Undeclared Crowd (Vanabbe Museum, 2006), lasting practices have been inspired by her existential thinking on being and by ethical consideration in different modes of practices in contemporary art.

Interests: The politics of subject in the context of the individual being and its position as the other. I have been drawn to the notion of a community with impractical solidarity but sincere, imaginative responsibility among individual beings. What I assume with these conditions of community would be discussed with Jean-Luc Nancy's "inoperative community" and Maurice Blanchot's "unavowable community."