Inês Moreira: Writing in/on/through space and curating architecture.

Curating architecture and writing about space as an architect-curator is a profoundly interdisciplinary and intermedia practice: text, image, materiality, imagination, personal affect. This is the problematic I am bringing to C/K research meeting on writing: how can a text, or a printed document or a book, transmit the multiple dimensions curated in space?

The example I will elaborate on comes from practice, from a project I curated and published in 2009, named “Rescaldo e Ressonância!”, in english “Aftermath and Resonance!”. Although the original text is written in Portuguese, the book is understood as a visual essay, and therefore, the main writing issues can be addressed by browsing and analyzing the particular relation of the visual materials to the textual materials.

Rescaldo e Ressonância!
author and editor: Inês Moreira
contributors: André Cepeda, Paulo Mendes, Jonathan Saldanha, Filomena Vasconcelos, Pedro Bandeira, Inês Moreira
publisher: University of Porto, Portugal, 2009
[ 120 pg portuguese ]