Seminar 21 // 11, 12, 13 March 2010 // Nora Sternfeld and Susan Kelly //London

Seminar 21 // 11, 12, 13 March 2010 // London

1. Thursday: Closed session: Introductory comments on education and the curatorial.

2. Friday: Guest Presentations and discussion - Nora Sternfeld and Susan Kelly

3. Saturday: Reading Group led by Joshua Simon Further information about the sessions can be found below:

1) Thursday 11.03.2010 The Council Room, The Bath, Laurie Grove

11-1.30 Closed session Introductory comments on education and the curatorial. Irit - Discussion of afternoon workshop with the MA in Contemporary Art Theory. - The students do a 15 week 'Laboratory course in which they break into 4 groups and develop a project together in that group. We were asked to join them for one session and the idea was that we would break up into 4 groups and each would meet with a group of students and talk to them about the curatorial. They are trying to pull together a collaborative project, for many of them its the first time ever, and they would benefit from hearing about how you think a 'project'.

1.30-2.00 lunch

2.00-4.30 meeting with MA students.

5.00-7.00 Department lecture Oliver Marchart, "Biennale Politics" The talk will be developing a critical framework to study and analyze the politics of Biennials and the current trend towards biennialization. In particular the guiding question will be: How and to what extent can institutions such as Biennials contribute to critical and progressive canon shifts within the art field. This will be exemplified with the case of the last three documenta shows and their position within the larger context of mega exhibitions. Oliver Marchart is a political theorist and Professor at the Department of Sociology, University of Lucerne, Switzerland. His latest books include: Post-foundational Political Thought. Political Difference in Nancy, Lefort, Badiou and Laclau (EUP 2007) and Hegemonie im Kunstfeld. Die documenta-Ausstellungen dX, D11, d12 und die Politik der Biennalisierung (König 2009).

2) Friday 12.03.2010 room: 312 Location; Room 312 main building

Guest Presentations and discussion; Nora Sternfeld - Vienna Nora Sternfeld is an art educator and curator. Part of Trafo.K, Office for Art Education and Critical Knowledge Production and Schnittpunkt, exhibition theory and practice. She currently teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and is co-direcor of theecm - educating/ curating/ managing – Masterprogramme for exhibition theory and practice at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Her presentation will be on "What can Art Education Learn from its Marginal Histories'. Readings: Gayatri Chakravorty SPIVAK (1989), Who Claims Alterity, in: Barbara Kruger, Phil Mariani (ed.), Remaking History, Dia Art Foundation, Discussions in Contemporary Culture Number 4, Washington: Bay Press, S. 269-292

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Susan Kelly - Teaches in the Art Dept. at Goldsmiths where she runs the BA Fine Art/ Art History. She has just completed her PH.D dissertation on "Micropolitics & Transversality: Language, Subjectivity, Organisation & Contemporary Art Practice". She will discuss several instances of pedagogy in the studio scenario. Readings: Félix Guattari and Suely Rolnik, 'Molecular Revolution: Psychiatry and Politics', trans. Rosemary Sheed, Harmondsworth and New York: Penguin Books, 1984 CHAP: ‘Towards a Micropolitics of Desire’, pp.82-107 (please pay special attention to first half) Click for Guattari/Rolnik text Dinner together at Irit's

Saturday 13.03.2010 Jean Paul will circulate information

Reading Group led by Joshua Simon Reading: Chantal Mouffe, two chapters from "The Democratic Paradox" (2009): For an Agonistic Model of Democracy (An 'Agonistic' Model of Democracy, pp. 98-107) and A Politics Without Adversary? (Politics and The Political, pp. 116-128)

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Seminar Dates:  Thu, 11/03/2010 - 00:00 - Sat, 13/03/2010 - 00:00