Seminar 20 // 28, 29, 30 January 2010 // Guest Speaker - Patricia Falguieres// London

Seminar 20 // 28, 29, 30 January 2010 // London

1. Thursday: Presentation by Joshua Simon - Betrayal & 5.00-7.00 Departmental lecture, Stephen Wright.

2. Friday: Allegories Revisited & Working Together Towards the Publication

3. Saturday: Reading Group led by Cihat Arinc

Further information about the sessions can be found below:

1) Thursday, 28th January:

11.00 -1.30 lunch

2.30-4.30, 5.00-7.00 The Council Room, The Bath, Laurie Grove  

Presentation by Joshua Simon - Betrayal: I would like to propose Betrayal as a political tool for engagement. By introducing Betrayal I use it to differ it from treason or desertion. While these two terms (legal and military) refer to a change of sides within an antagonistic situation or conflict, Betrayal would be a turning from the antagonistic situation or conflict. As treason and desertion are still loyal to the antagonistic situation itself (although desertion does not entail a reunion with the other side, it still operates within the polarity), Betrayal suggests a re-entry betrays the trust that this situation asks from those in conflicted sides. Reading: Plato, 'The First Alcibiades'.

Click for pdf version of Plato text Click for ebook access

5.00-7.00 Departmental lecture, Stephen Wright - Art after Spectatorship

2) Friday, 29 January:

11.00-1.30 & 2.30-4.30 room: 312  

Guest Speaker: Patricia Falguieres Presentation and discussion by Patricia Falguieres, Ecole des Haute Etudes, Paris. Patricia Falguieres is an art historian by training whose research has focused on the 16th century. She is also a theorist involved in various issues of contemporary epistemology and contemporary art. Together with Elizabeth Leibovici , they run the seminar at E.H.E.S.S called “Something You Should Know” – a weekly seminar based on guests who might have something interesting to contribute. Below is Patricia’s description of her seminar: In this paper I will explore Gilbert Simondon’s notion of individuation. Simondon is currently the best-known secret in French philosophy. Ever since he died in 1989, his work became the focus of a remarkable renewal in French philosophical circles, especially amongst Deleuzians and Latourians. What interests me above all is how to think this notion of individuation in relation to art (techné) and especially in relation to the conundrum theory/practice exposed in Aristotle’s work. Readings Gilles deleuze “Gilbert Simondon and his physical-biological Genesis” Gilles Deleuze, /Desert Islands and other texts, 1953 - 1974/, Los Angeles, 2004.

Click for Deleuze text

Gilbert Simondon "The Genesis of the technical object : the process of concretization", The Craft Reader/, édited by Glenn Adamson, (Berg, Oxford, New York, 2010) pp. 354 -359.

Click for Simondon text

And for General context Michel Serres & Bruno Latour: /Conversations on science, culture and time/, Ann Arbor, 1995. ADDITIONAL TEXTS (added post seminar) Click for Additional Simondon text, Part 1 Click for Additional Simondon text, Part 2 Click for Additional Simondon text, Part 3

Additional Simondon text added by Cihat:

Click for Simondon - On the Mode of Existence of Technical Obj Click for Simondon - Genesis of the Individual

Click for Simondon - Excerpts from The Physico-Biological Genesis of the Individual (1964)

Click for Simondon - Technical Individualization Click for Simondon - The Position of the Problem of Ontogenesis

Click for Simondon - Technical Mentality Click for Parrhesia, 7 (2009), Simondon Issue, Editors' Introduction

Click for Brian Massumi on Gilbert Simondon Click for Barthélémy - Simondonian Ontology Today

Click for Stiegler - Phase-Shift and Resolution in Simondon and Heidegger

Click for Virno - Individuation in Duns Scotus and Gilbert Simondon

Click for Krtolica - The Question of Anxiety in Gilbert Simondon

Click for Schmidgen - Gilbert Simondon's Philosophy of Machines

Click for Barthélémy - Simondon et la philosophie de la nature

Click for A Short List of Gilbert Simondon’s Vocabulary

Click for Simondon - L'individu et sa genèse physico-biologique

3) Saturday, 30 January, 11am – 4pm Raven Row, 56-58 Artillery Lane, London E1 7LS (third floor studio)

Reading Group led by Cihat Arinc Specters of Cinema: In Search of a Hauntology of Film Readings: 1. Excerpts from: Jacques Derrida, Specters of Marx: The State of the Debt, the Work of Mourning and the New International, trans. Peggy Kamuf (London: Routledge, 2006); and Avery Gordon, Ghostly Matters: Haunting and the Sociological Imagination (Minneapolis; London: University of Minnesota Press, 2008) [abbreviated as SM and GM].

Click for Part 1 of 2 Derrida texts

2. Jacques Derrida and Bernard Stiegler, “Spectrographies,” in Echographies of Television: Filmed Interviews, trans. Jennifer Bajorek (Cambridge: Polity, 2007), pp. 113-134.

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Seminar Dates: 
Thu, 28/01/2010 (All day) - Sat, 30/01/2010 (All day)