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The high modern, fully automated subway (called Metro) in Copenhagen is a very effective link between the large urban areas to the east and west with the city centre. The two lines run daily between 5.00 and Midnight, Thu-Sunday even all night.

Tickets & Prices: There is a uniform ticket for all public transportation in metropolitan Copenhagen. A Metro ride costs one clip on a multi-ride, ten clips-( or rides) ticket (2 zones). This ticket costs DKK 120, while a single ride with a single two-zone ticket will cost you DKK 19. Both types of ticket are valid for one hour. An extra night fee applies between 1 am and 5 am.

The city has more than 1,700 taxis organised in 5 major companies and licensed by the authorities. The basic fare for a cab stopped on street is DKK 19 (40 DKK during a weekend's night), when ordered 32, plus DKK 11,50 per km - DKK 12.50 in evenings and weekends. Fares include a service charge, so tipping is not expected. Most taxis accept credit cards but make sure to tell the driver at the beginning of the journey. The seat belt for all passengers of age 3+ is required. Smoking is prohibited.

Codan Taxi phone 70 25 25 25
Hovedstadens Taxi phone: 38 77 77 77
Ryvangen Bilen A/S phone: 39 18 18 18
Taxa 4 x 35 phone: 35 35 35 35
Taxamotor A/S phone: 38 10 10 10

Aneta Szylak, session coordinator
0048 508 432 118

Kirsten Zeuthen, Copenhagen Doctoral School