Readings, Seminar 9

Inês Moreira

1. Bruno Latour, "Can We Get Our Materialism Back Please?" in Isis Vol. 98 (2007), pp. 138-142.

2. Bruno Latour, "On the difficulty of being an ANT: An interlude in the Form of a Dialog” in Reassembling the Social, (Oxford: Oxford University Press) 2005, pp.142-156.

3. Donna Haraway and Thyrza Nichols Goodeve, “Wordly Practice” pp.109-112 and “Modest Witness” pp. 156-161 in How like a Leaf: an Interview with Donna J. Haraway, (Oxford: Taylor and Francis) 1999.  

Jean-Paul Martinon Allegories and the Curatorial

1. Charles Baudelaire, "Le Cygne" in Les Fleurs du Mal second edition, 1861; with four accompanying translations.

2. Walter Benjamin, "Allegory and Trauerspiel" in The Origin of German Tragic Drama, trans. John Osborne (London: Verso) 2003, pp. 177-82.

3. Bainard Cowan, "Walter Benjamin’s Theory of Allegory" in New German Critique, No. 22, Winter 1981, pp. 109-122.  

Reading Group

1. L.J.D. Wacquant, excerpts from "Towards a Reflexive Sociology: A Workshop with Pierre Bourdieu," in Sociological Theory Vol. 7, No.1 (Spring, 1989), pp. 32–37 and 45–51.

2. Andrea Fraser, "'To quote,' say the Kabyles, 'is to bring back to life,'" in Museum Highlights The Writings of Andrea Fraser Cambridge 2005, pp. 81–87.

3. Pierre Bourdieu, "Jonquil Street," in The Weight of the World: Social Suffering in Contemporary Society Pierre Bourdieu, et al. trans. Priscilla Parkhurst Ferguson et al. (Cambridge: Polity Press) 1999, pp. 6-22.


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